VAT registration

There are several situations when a company has to obtain VAT number in Poland.

When do you have to register VAT number?

Firstly, every Polish entrepreneur is obliged to get VAT number if sales during tax year exceed the limit of PLN 200 000 (around EUR 45 000). However, if business activity starts during the tax year, this limit must be calculated in proportion to the number of months remaining to the end of the calendar year. Polish company must register as a VAT Payer in Poland, regardless of the amount of sale, also if it operates within the field of specified business activity indicated in Polish VAT Act.

If your company is subject to VAT tax in Poland, you must apply to the revenue office on a VAT-R form with the local Tax Authorities.

All documents submitted to the tax office must be drawn up in Polish on original tax forms. Taxpayers seated in Poland also must submit a document confirming their legal title to the real property used for their business activity.

Registration should be completed before a business carries out its first taxable transaction.

The registration procedure can be done immediately after obtaining the registration certificate from the National Court Register and is free of charge.

The standard VAT rate in Poland is currently 23%.

We can help you register business in Poland for VAT purposes.

Since during realization of projects co-financed by public aid, your company will make some expenditures, it is highly recommended that you register your company as a VAT taxpayer. If you are planning to cooperate with partners from other EU countries, we strongly advise to register your company also as a VAT EU taxpayer.

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