What should the Ukrainians do to get PESEL?

  • fill in the application form available (in Ukrainian) at: https://mc.bip.gov.pl/ogloszenia/wzor-wniosku-o-nadanie-numeru-pesel-w-zwiazku-z-konfliktem-na-ukrainie.html
  • take a photo in the same form as required to get a Polish ID (every Polish photographer will know how to do it)  
  • submit the application form with one photo to any commune authority (in Polish: urząd gminy) 
  • if you want to get EPUAP (the electronic profile allowing to handle official matters online), you just need to provide your email and telephone number in the application form
  • you have to submit the application personally (if you have a children you can do it on their behalf, but they should be present with you in the office)
  • you have to take your travel document (for example a passport) or personal document (for example an ID) with you, since the official will have to verify your personality 
  • the official will take your fingerprints (if you are over 12 and it is physically possible to take it from you) for registration purposes 
  • the application is free of charge and some commune authorities can make taking the photos free of charge possible too
  • the Ukrainian citizens who entered Poland before 24 February 2022 can make PESEL application in a standard way
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