Mergers and acquisitions

We provide comprehensive legal assistance in carrying out mergers and acquisitions of companies, we conduct legal due diligence, we help in transformation of companies and we also offer legal aid within the scope of due diligence.

Provide the legal support needed during your company’s merger or acquisition

We advice entrepreneurs in choosing the optimal model of conducting business, as well as its preparation and implementation. We offer legal support for transactions, mergers, divisions, transformations and other forms of reorganization of companies and businesses.

We provide legal assistance at every stage of transaction, beginning with preparing and stating the rules in the letter of intent, through conducting legal due diligence, followed by documentation preparation, and ending up with participation in the conclusion of the transaction.

Legal audit of companies (legal research or due diligence)

Due diligence is an essential part in every enterprise. We provide support in determining the appropriate scope of the legal audit, as well as its conduct and the preparation of the final report. After a careful analysis, we indicate the identified risks and limitations and, in case of noted deficiencies,we propose remedial actions.


We also advise on sales transactions, acquisition of shares (share deal), as well as business or its assets acquisition transaction (asset deal).


We help with documents preparation while representing your company’s best interest, minimizing the risk and reducing the probability of disputes between the parties of the transaction. We verify the necessity of obtaining corporate consents, while we provide support in finalizing the terms of the transaction.

Transformations of companies and entrepreneurs

We offer help in transforming businesses into other forms of commercial companies as needed.


We support efficient company transformation with regards to its business needs, brach differences and liability restrictions. We prepare the schedule of transfer stages and activities so that you can effectively and seamlessly continue to conduct your business in the new legal form.


We assist your company through all the stages of the transformation/conversion, from formulating and preparing complete documentation, to registering the transformation in court, and performing all necessary acts after the completion of the process. We also support small businesses as well as civil-law partnerships evolving into commercial companies following commercial code rules.

Mergers and divisions of companies

We offer support in business model reorganization through company merger, division or partial division.


We analyze the potential risks, restrictions and consequences for the merging companies and the companies part taking in the division process. Our consulting services include contract verification with the key business partners and the banks, as well as concessions, licenses, permissions, reliefs and the requirements of grants or subsidies received for the planned merger or division of the company.


We offer an optimal schedule of legal actions and all required documentation. We coordinate all legal entities that are part of the merger or division of the company, including shareholders, board of directors, tax and financial specialists or an auditor, should his opinion be required in a merger or division plan.


We prepare the court applications for company merger or division, and we make sure that the registration occurs on the scheduled date, so that proper compliance with the merger or division obligations can be obtained.

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