We help your company to obtain funds and grants from the EU structural funds. The goal of our cooperation is to provide high quality documentation for the grant project.

Comprehensive service for subsidies

We raise public funds and support beneficiaries in the implementation of EU projects and other initiatives involving public funds. We have experience in carrying out projects within the scope of operational programmes (esp. in Wielkopolskie Voivodeship), programmes managed by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP) and National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR).

SWLEX – Your consultant in matters of subsidies

Our assistance in obtaining grants for companies consists of legal and settlement support (understood as a correct implementation of accounting obligations in relation to the execution of a co-financed project), as well as accounting in general (the ratio of project’s finances to the accounts assets of the beneficiary company as a whole). Within different public funds, potential beneficiaries are able to obtain financial support covering up to 100% of the project’s costs. Usually financial support covers around 60-85% of costs.

Choosing optimal aid measure

We help choose the right grant programmes or aid measures, and we prepare applications for co-financing. We analyze the business model of your company in order to identify potential areas of growth, which might be co-financed by public funds or EU funds. We constantly monitor funds available within operational and national programmes, and inform our clients about programmes and recruitments they might be interested in.

Preparation of funding/grant application

We offer help in preparing applications, on the basis of which your company might receive public assistance. Thanks to multifaceted cooperation with companies from various industries, and over 10 years of experience with completion of various projects, we realize which matters might be troublesome, and we effectively help you create a most successful project.


We help to design a project’s budget, we assume values and types of costs acceptable by institutions analyzing grant application or the grant itself, as well as define ratios, that shall be realized in further stages. We support you substantively in transforming your plans into an application for a grant.

Support within the stage preceding realization of the contract

We support you in preparing for the next stages of the selection procedure (e.g. consultations with expert panel), as well as in completing documents necessary to conclude the project’s financial agreement. In the event of a negative assessment of the application, we will analyze whether submitting objections should be the best way to proceed.

Project settlement and legal support

Project implementation using grants obtained from EU funds or other projects with public funds involved, often requires preparation of specific contracts (e.g. for staff and members).


We support companies in compliance with the binding rules (rules of competition, grant agreement, guidelines concerning eligibility of expenses, guidelines related to informational and promotional activities etc.). We help to conduct bidding procedures, announce public procurement and select the best bidders, draw up valuation analysis, benefit from the Competitiveness Base and negotiate terms of agreement with the bidder.


Within the support provided for the settlement of the project, we offer ongoing communication with the managing authority, among others by the SL2014 system. We apply for payments, advance payments and refunds. We help prepare for to ad hoc controls, controls during the project, and or the control in the project's durability period. The aim of the cooperation is to ensure the highest possible accuracy of documentation related to the grant project, funding or grant, i.e. the credibility of the documents confirming the implementation of the project and the expenditures incurred.

Support during the durability period and archiving of project documentation

After the project is completed, we archive the documents, and we store them on your behalf. If the project provides a durability period – we support your company in legal accounting and consulting services during the time when the defined indicators are to be achieved.


At every stage of the project's realization, and after it is completed, in cooperation with SWLEX, you receive full support necessary for proper realization of the project, as well as detailed explanation of the optimal activities to be carried out.

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