Tax Advising

We provide comprehensive tax advising and tax optimization services for companies.

Tax services for your company

Depending on your needs, we perform ongoing tax advising services personally (face to face meetings), online or in writing.

SWLEX – your tax advisor

Within our ongoing tax advising services, we offer you among others:

Support people who plan to set up business by:

  • helping to choose the best legal form to conduct business
  • helping to optimize taxes by suggesting potential forms of external financing of a company or evaluating if a projected transaction is advantageous in the scope of its impact for costs of doing business
  • helping to take advantage from existing tax reliefs and deductions
  • giving tax advices on income taxes, VAT and other public burdens

tax audits in the scope of real estate tax, including:

  • verifying the Polish classification of structures
  • verifying the catalogue of exclusions and releasements from taxation
  • analysing all tax events connected with structures that took place within a year
  • verifying if the value of taxed constructions and usable area of buildings have been calculated correctly
  • drafting an application for a declaration of tax overpayment or individual tax interpretation

drafting transfer pricing documentation:

  • Local File 
  • Master File 
  • Benchmarking
  • CbC report
  • transfer pricing report
  • transfer pricing policy
  • advance pricing agreements
  • transfer pricing documentation audit

A także:

  • permanent tax service
  • analysing agreements from a perspective of their tax consequences
  • drafting tax opinions
  • tax planning
  • tax preferences for the innovative sector; relief for research and development activities, IP box
  • drafting a tax strategy for your company
  • analysing tax consequences after receiving a subsidy
  • analysing tax consequences of changing a business model
  • reporting tax schemes (Mandatory Disclosure Rules, MDR)
  • professional drafting of applications for individual tax interpretation
  • support in case of tax inspections
  • participating in tax proceedings, complaint proceedings, extraordinary proceedings as well as proceedings connected with reliefs and redemptions, shifting tax responsibility for a third person, tax evasion, settling transfer pricing and the like
  • representing before tax authorities and administrative courts (Voivodeship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court)
  • tax audits
  • tax due diligence
  • evaluating tax consequences of setting up, merging, dividing, winding up and bankruptcy of a company
  • support in tax settlements, including these resulting from selling real estates or income earned abroad,

We also perform ongoing tax advising for companies comprising interpretations of legal rules in force and assessing consequences of events that bring about specific impacts on taxation.

If you wish, we will carry out a tax audit to verify if your tax documentation and tax settlements were drafted properly. We do the tax audit taking into account particular types of taxes as well as the abuse of law clause and clause against tax evasion.

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