Our accounting office located in Poznań offers complex bookkeeping HR, payroll, and legal services for your company.

Choose verified accounting and HR services

Thanks to our extensive knowledge experience and professional approach, we are able to offer the best accounting and HR solutions for your company. We are aware that accounting is an important source of information about the company and its activities. It is also key to expenses and income planning, and analysis of many other business ventures. By entrusting us with keeping your accounts, you can be assured they are in good hands.

Accounting services - bookkeeping

Company chart of accounts and accounting policies

Well construed account plans should meet the individual needs of a company. We prepare account plans that are able to record events in a truthful way that becomes a source of information for the company’s owner.

Reporting business transactions

Each and every document is closely verified in terms of substance, legality and accounting. We organize verified documents in chronological order by month and by type (e.g. sale invoices, cost, payroll, cash register, bank statements). We utilise Symfonia FK, Varico and other accounting programmes.

Posting of payments and keeping track of settlements with suppliers employees and offices

In order to achieve a satisfying result it is necessary to control both revenues (to adequately respond to late payments) and expenditures. After entering accounts for each month, we give feedback to clients about unsettled payments and missing documents. Thanks to this, we are able to recognize the liquidity risk, and take the appropriate actions in time.

Keeping records of fixed assets and intangible assets

We keep records as required by law, taking into account the amortisation schedule. Per our client’s requests we keep separate records for tax purposes and for balance sheet, meeting the needs of our clients.

Accruals Settlements of costs and revenues, reserves for future liabilities

The proportionality and matching principle requires settlement of cost and income in a given time and creating reserves. We ensure that the accounting records are correct in order to maintain the comparability of different periods for future analysis.

Preparation of management reports according to specific forms tailored to the needs of our customers

Bookkeeping shall be the source of comprehensive information about the company. Apart from standard monthly account records we can prepare, in a mutually agreed form, additional records presenting selected aspects of business.

Withholding tax settlement

We analyze the transactions with suppliers from abroad in order to identify withholding tax settlement, in accordance with applicable law.

Settlement of grants

One of our main specializations is settlement of grants. We make sure the accounting records faithfully accurately reflect different stages of grant projects, and comply with the requirements of funding institutions.

Preparation of financial statements

The financial statement is the most important enterprise’s activity report of the company’s activities. Using the collected data, we prepare a financial statement in a truthful and comprehensive manner ensuring that the deadlines required by law are fully met.

Preparation and submission of reports required by the Main Statistical Office (GUS)

GUS requires preparation and submission of reports on the basis of company’s data for a specific period of time. We prepare reports based on the accounting data and send them to GUS within the required time limits.

Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual calculations and tax returns (VAT, PIT, CIT)

Preparation of tax returns is mandatory for every entrepreneur. Within the scope of our services we prepare tax returns, we sign them in accordance with the proxies and send them to the tax office.

Preparation and transfer of JPK files

In the Polish accounting system, a JPK file is mandatory. Since October 2020, a new version of JPK file has been introduced. It combines both the registration and declaration part. We are in possession of the relevant programs to process data in accordance with the applicable requirements. Within the scope of our service, we would both prepare, sign and send the relevant files.

Settling of arrears

Bookkeeping is getting out of control, the previous accounting office has failed to meet its obligations? Through internal audits we will be able to find and settle arrears, eliminate errors and keep the accounts up to date following the law.

Representation before Tax Office (US)

Through appropriate competence and knowledge of regulations and procedures, we are able handle a wide variety of office affairs. With our support, you can feel safe and secure contacting the tax offices.

Personnel and payroll services

Keeping complete staff records (including foreigners)

We make sure to keep and archive employee records in accordance with current legal requirements, and we help to comply with the procedures of foreigners employment.

Putting together employment and civil law contracts

We approach the preparation of each contract individually, by expanding the content with contract clauses in accordance with legal requirements and employer’s needs.

Creation, and changes in the company’s internal regulations – remuneration and employment rules, Company Social Benefit Fund (ZFŚS)

We help develop regulations that are compatible with any salary and employment system.

Payroll services (calculation of wages according to employment contracts and civil law contracts)

Regardless of the form of employment, we calculate remuneration. The prepared payroll list provides the basis for the correct completion of tax return, insurance documents and wage posting.

Settlement of social security contributions and advances on personal income tax

On the basis of prepared payrolls, we calculate receivables for social security and tax offices, giving the payer the amount to be paid.

Work time calculation (absences, overtime hours)

We keep records of holidays and sick leaves, we calculate due remuneration and extra pay for overtime.

Preparation of monthly and annual declarations

We ensure that the information obligations are fulfilled by drawing up and sending all declarations and reports.

Servicing funds from the State Fund for Persons with Disabilities (PFRON)

We help companies employing persons with a disability certificate, to obtain subsidies from PFRON.

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