Investment funds (venture capital)

From the very beginning our activities are connected with VC investment funds. We took part in dozens of venture capital investments, both on behalf of investors as well as startups.

Professional legal support for investors

We have particularly rich experience in investments financed form European funds (Bridge Alfa, PARP, PFR) in which, apart from legal and accounting advisory, we help to obtain and clear financing. 

Thanks to this, we understand how the investment process looks like, broader than typical legal firms dealing with VC investments. This knowledge helps us to protect your investments better and more fully. Our support consists of searching for the EU financing for your company, the EU subsidies, drafting investment documents, investment agreement and much more issues related to venture capital investment funds.

Creating investment structures

We help Polish and foreign investors, managers of alternative investment companies (in Polish ASI), founders and companies searching for financing to choose the best investment structure. We advise which shape of investment will be the most advantageous not only from legal and tax angle, but also to gain additional financial support from the EU funds. We have experience in all standard models of investments (such as SPV, spin off, spin out or joint venture) and provide comprehensive support in gaining financing from European funds.


We are not afraid to come up with innovative and nonstandard solutions. We create investment funds statutes, articles of association of alternative investment companies, internal regulation of alternative investment companies or investment policies. We register alternative investment companies and managers of alternative investment companies (in Polish ZASI), prepare articles of association of special purpose vehicles, joint venture.

Investment documentation

We draw up, verify and take part in negotiating all documents in an investment process. We create non-disclosure agreements (NDA), letters of intent (LOI) and settlements connected with executing due diligence.


We draft, check and negotiate term sheets and investment agreements. We also help in amending documentation and dissolving or terminating agreements. If you need, we create the whole documentation and carry out negotiations in Polish or English.

Advisory in an investment process

We advise at every stage of the investment process. We analyse possibilities to support your investment with the EU funds and check formal requirements connected with it.


We create legal and tax opinions as well as analyses on every key issue for the investment process (intellectual property, relations with partners, cross-border transactions). We help in negotiations with investment funds, alternative investment companies, angels of business and startups.


We support you during the entire investment (for instance implement incentive plans, control if the terms and conditions of investment are respected, negotiate amendments to investment agreements).


We also help you to choose the right exit strategy and in the exit process, including carrying out an IPO and solving concerns connected with liquidation preference. We also ensure support in potential disputes arising in connection with an investment process.

Due diligence

We help investors to carry out an efficient and effective audit of a company or its key assets (for example IP due diligence). We make a thorough audit of a legal, accounting and tax state of a company in Polish or English.


We support startups when they undergo due diligence. We advise the best way to prepare for this process, for instance showing the matters that may generate potential risk or suggesting solutions that may eliminate threats or increase attractiveness of your business for an investor.


Feel invited to make use of our complex support in the scope of investment funds (venture capital) and European funds.

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