Company law and corporate services

We provide legal assistance for you and your company whenever you may need us. We help you select the optimal type of company, in consideration with the specifics of commercial activity.

We specialize in servicing corporate affairs

We provide professional legal support in establishing companies, amendments to the Articles of Association, change in the company’s shareholders or share capital, as well as accommodating shareholders’ meetings, general meetings, management boards or supervisory boards.

We can offer legal assistance in dissolving or liquidating a company or otherwise concluding its operations. We cooperate with the notary public should their participation be required.

Setting up companies

We can efficiently help you set up any type of company. We will advise which type of company will suit you and your expectations, your needs and your business plans. 


We offer support in drafting the Memorandum or the Articles of Association tailored to your specific situation and your shareholders’ vision. We will prepare the complete documentation required to establish your company, as well as enter it into all relevant registers and records in a given industry. We will participate in the shareholders and offer our support in drafting resulting agreements in a form of an investment contract or shareholder agreement.

Corporate affairs

We provide comprehensive legal advice within the scope of the corporate services. We support companies and its corporate bodies by drafting documentation such as, but not limited to, resolutions and minutes of shareholders or corporate bodies meetings. We prepare documents regarding the corporate governance rules e.g. regulations and instructions.


We offer support in preparing amendments to the Memorandum or the Articles of Association, the increase and reduction of the share capital, disposal, acquisition, redemption and pledging of shares, as well as with actions related to the change of composition of the company’s shareholders or partners or acquiring in other form of the corporate’s rights. We also advise on an appropriate way to recapitalize the company, including loans, surcharges or increase of the share capital.

Liquidation of company

Sometimes specific business ideas can run their course and further functioning of the company cannot be supported for variety of reasons.


In such cases we offer full legal support for shareholders and liquidators preparing legal and financial statements regarding the initiation of liquidation procedures, summoning the company’s creditors and finally assisting in removing the company from the entrepreneurs register at the National Register Court or other records as needed.

Disputes between shareholders/partners

We support our clients in conflicts involving shareholders/partners, as well as corporate bodies and a company itself. We offer you legal assistance, if you need help, among others, in challenging resolutions of shareholder meetings or general meetings or with regard to the responsibility of the members of the management board for the company’s liabilities or in handling claims against members of the corporate bodies for damage caused in connection with performing certain functions. We also help to submit shareholders’ claims regarding damage done to the company (action pro socio).

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