As a part of a back office service (e-administration), we offer among others: development and implementation of a document circulation system, monitoring of contracts, organizing shareholders meetings, regular receipt of documentation and storing original documents. In addition, e-administration means also digitization of your company’s documentation.

Administrative services for your business

The wide range of back office service (e-administration and digitization) allows you to forget about wasting time on formalities connected with business activities, so you can focus solely on running your business. We also offer, among others, handling the formal circulation of documents, archives and electronic repository.

Your administration online with SWLEX

Within the scope of back office service (e-administration) we offer:

  • individual development and implementation of the document circulation system,
  • preliminary formal inspection of documents,
  • monitoring of contracts, including their durations, indicating and reminding of the cyclical obligations arising thereof,
  • organizing shareholders’ meetings, setting deadlines, sending invitations to shareholders,
  • regular collection of documentation,
  • storage of the original documentation, including the electronic version, 
  • digitalization of documents: scanning, cataloguing, sharing electronic version of documents upon request,
  • organizing signatures under contracts or corporate documents (e.g. by circular approval),
  • print out and shipping of documentation (contracts, protocols, letters etc.),
  • sending of requests for payment, pre-trial recovery of debts.

How do we provide e-administration services at SWLEX?

We are aware that every company is different, that is why before proceeding with our services, it is necessary to carry out implementation activities that fully conform our services to your company’s needs.

During these activities we will determine e.g. which documents are to be monitored in particular, what documents should be digitized in the first place, or how often we will be collecting documentation.

We provide:

Phone contact

From 9am to 5pm

E-mail contact

We guarantee constant e-mail contact. We will respond on your behalf no later than the next business day or at any other agreed upon time.

We provide services in the field of e-administration and digitization (back office) fully adapted to the needs of your company. Our activities could be completely compatible with your expectations.

Monitoring of existing corporate agreements or obligations

Your dedicated coordinator will inform you about upcoming dates of termination of contracts, the most important regular obligations that should be abided, as well as about the necessity of fulfilling basic corporate obligations.

Initial control of the documents

It consists of verifying the accuracy of the data in the contract comparability, as well as indicating the need to complete corporate formalities e.g. consent to the concluded agreement by the Supervisory Board and the Shareholders Meeting.

Document digitization

The speed and cost of digitalization depends on the initial quantity of all documents. Digitized files are stored on SWLEX servers. Our servers meet all applicable security standards. We can use programmes that enable online communication that will speed up the commissioning of tasks such as e.g. sending of documents, or delivering the original contract to the indicated address.

Sending notices and payment requests

We generate on your behalf the payments requests, and we send them to the debtors along with necessary documents, as soon as the obligation is mature. This ensures that the actions taken before the court are not charged with omission of conciliation stage. In addition, early actions enable more profitable calculation of interests.

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