New technologies and IT

For many years Swlex has provided legal and accounting support for the IT sector, that is business accelerators gathering IT and new-tech startups. Thanks to that, we gained extensive knowledge about needs, problems and opportunities for startups in the IT and new-tech sector.

Comprehensive legal and accounting service for IT and new-tech

We advise mobile app, firmware and game developers as well as software houses and other entities in the IT or new tech sector. We have an experience in supporting innovative technologies solutions, such as cooling systems, intelligent roofing systems and IOT. 

We provide legal and accounting support for well-known companies from IT sectors which are leaders on their markets.

Legal and accounting services for app creators

Creating an application is a complex legal process. The choice of right model, structure and approach to intellectual property may determine a success of the whole endeavour. We will be with you during the whole process of creating your software. 


Together, we think over the business model, emphasizing legal and tax effects of specific solutions. We take care of protecting copyright or database, for instance by verifying terms of licences for libraries or other external programs (also open source) which code you intend to use in your application. We create agreements with app developers as well.


Pomagamy w tworzeniu i weryfikacji dokumentów niezbędnych do dystrybucji Twojego oprogramowania, w tym do umieszczenia go w sklepach z aplikacjami – na Google Play czy App Store.

Intellectual property rights transfer

We draw up contracts transferring all types of intellectual property rights in IT, including: copyright, related rights, databases and domains. We create licence contracts (exclusive, non-exclusive, sub-licence, EULA and others) no matter which business model you have (for instance freeware, firmware, OEM, floating licensing, cross-licensing).


We have extensive experience in know-how transfer and shaping more compound transactions of intellectual property rights transfer, including contributing them to companies. We advise both purchasers as well as ones who transfer their rights. It has given us an extensive overview for the process and skills to broadly protect your business. We verify contracts you gained and participate in their negotiation, amending or dissolving.

Intellectual property rights advisory

We advise you in choosing the most efficient and effective method of protecting and increasing income from intellectual property rights to your solutions. Thanks to our experience, we are not afraid of even the most complicated issues.


Działamy w każdym obszarze własności intelektualnej – od praw autorskich, przez bazy danych, patenty i prawa ochronne, po ochronę domen. Pomagamy w wyborze odpowiedniej strategii ochrony innowacyjnych rozwiązań (patent, wzór użytkowy, tajemnica przedsiębiorstwa).


We will show you which solution is the best from a legal, accounting and tax viewpoint. We will warn you about possible risks and concerns related to IPR you may come across and advise you how to avoid them.

IT contracts

We draw up any type of IT contracts, such as pre-implementation IT analysis contracts, IT implementation contract, hosting agreement, IT service agreement, SLA or contracts connected with using an application in a cloud (like SaaS, IaaS and PaaS).


We have a flair and experience in creating non-standard, tailor-made legal constructions for the IT sector which protect your business to the greatest extent. We verify IT agreements you received from business partners and help you in negotiating their terms and conditions. We also support you during amending, terminating and dissolving IT contracts.

New-tech contracts

We draft every contract that may happen during creating and commercializing new technologies. We help you among others during contracting with creators, technology recipients and scientific units.


We advise you how to finance a development of your technologies, also with public funds or crowdfunding and prepare all necessary documents. We create drafts of licence, agency and cooperation agreements. We verify contracts and documents you received from your partners and assist you in their negotiation, change or termination.

Disputes over IT and new technologies

Swlex provides comprehensive support in any disputes concerning IT and new technologies. We assist you in any formal procedures but also advise which path will be the best to protect your business.


We draft requests to cease an infringement or pay damages. We also take part in negotiations and other ADR procedures, including drawing up or verifying a settlement draft. We represent you before the court and during arbitration also at the enforcement stage.

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