Intellectual property and R&D activities

The protection of intellectual property as well as research and development are increasingly important in many businesses. We encourage you to take advantage of our compound legal and accounting offer concerning intellectual property rights.

IPR protection and R&D support

We take care of your intellectual property rights from the moment you start creating them, through their acquisition and commercialization. We also support you in disputes over IPR, business name or domain infringement and provide you with legal as well as accounting advice during research & development activities.

Intellectual property audit

Intellectual Property Law is a very complex and multidimensional issue. It is not easy to be sure if or to which extent intellectual property rights (IPR) are in our enterprise.


We verify what intellectual property rights you have in your company, if they were acquired correctly and if there are any legal risks connected with your IPR. We advise you how to eliminate or mitigate legal or task risks in the field of intellectual property and how the intrinsic potential in your IPR can be used for your benefit.

Intellectual property strategies

The right intellectual property strategy helps you to protect your IPR efficiently and effectively, maximize gains and increase the valuation of your company. Swlex helps you to create the right IPR strategy, including patent strategy and copyright strategy. We take care of your trademarks by registering them and ensure their comprehensive legal protection.


We create far-reaching IPR strategies, taking into account not only legal, tax and accounting issues but also economic matters – including these related to a market you operate.

Agreements on intellectual property

We create agreements and other documents concerning all fields of intellectual property – from copyright and moral rights, to patents, trademarks and other industrial property rights.


We have broad experience in drafting agreements relating databases, related rights, know-how or trade secrets. We also help to negotiate terms and conditions of contracts and verify agreements on intellectual property from your contractors.

Intellectual property rights protection

We represent your company in any disputes over intellectual property rights. We can help you at every stage of a dispute both before going to the court (negotiations, requests to cease an infringement, settlements, mediations), as well as during the court (and enforcement) procedure and arbitrage.


We will help you to protect intellectual property rights if they are infringed by a third party. We will also defend you against allegations of intellectual property rights infringement, ensuring effective protection of your trademark, know-how and other intellectual property rights.

Trademark registration and protection

Registration and protection of a trademark are key activities to protect intellectual property in your company. We registered trademarks in Poland, the EU and other countries (in the Madrid system).


We are active at every stage of the registration procedure. From verification if registering is possible, through drafting and submitting a motion, up to participating in any disputes with the patent office or other authorities.


We provide legal support to protect your trademark (requests to cease a trademark infringement, negotiations, settlements, court and out-of-court dispute resolutions). We help to defend against trademark infringement claims as well.

Advising in connection with R&D

An adequate consideration and structuring of research and development activity is vital for your company. Swlex provides you with legal, tax and accounting support in the scope of your R&D activities, no matter if they are done by you and your employees or an external party (including universities).

We analyse risks, opportunities and requirements concerning research and development activities (including these resulting from received subsidies) and recommend optimal solutions. We attend you at the whole formal stage of this process, drafting adequate documentation as well as verifying and negotiating agreements.

Tax relief for R&D

Tax relief for R&D is an ideal tax incentive for conducting research and development activities. It allows you to deduct 100% (and sometimes even 150%) expenditures for R&D from your income. We analyse a possibility and scope of the potential R&D relief in your company and draw up necessary documents in this regard.

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