IP BOX and the R&D tax relief

Take advantage of the tools available to reduce your taxes – IP BOX and R&D tax relief. Tax reliefs are obtainable for entrepreneurs conducting research and development activities.

Reduce tax rate to 5% with IP BOX solutions

IP BOX is a tool used for preferential taxation of income gained from the sales of products or services based on the intellectual property rights. If your company conducts research and development activities directly connected to creation, development and improvement of a qualified IP (an example of a qualified IP right is a copyright to a computer program), you might take advantage of an IP BOX tax relief and reduce the tax rate to 5%.

We verify the possibility of utilizing the tax reliefs in your company. We advise on proper documentation necessary to calculate the relief, and help you draw up professional applications for a written interpretation of tax law.

The introduction of an IP BOX tax preference in your company requires the following steps:

Step 1: Analysis of the possibilities of using IP Box
Step 2: Preparation of application for a written interpretation of tax law
Step 3: IP Box calculation
Step 4: Tax refund

For the purpose of the granted tax relief, we carry out a transfer pricing analysis and we verify the accounting records prepared for utilising IP Box. We offer support during tax control proceedings concerning tax reliefs. We help develop an internal strategy for the management of intellectual property rights as company assets.

For our specific clients’ needs, we always check the possibility of applying both reliefs (R&D and IP BOX) within the same project.

The assessment for the potential use of tax relief might concern small businesses as well as large companies and it allows to create an universal business model available to apply within the whole company.

Lower taxes with R&D relief

R&D relief is a perfect tax tool for entrepreneurs conducting research and development activities. It allows you to deduct from your income 100% (in some cases even up to 150%) of eligible expenses. We analyze the possibility and the scope of applying R&D relief in your company, while creating all required documentation.

We verify the correct implementation of accounting procedures to calculate R&D tax relief as well as the need to file reports necessary to apply tax relief.

Our assistance with R&D relief also includes financial analysis, which consists of staff expenses verification, scientific and research tools usage costs, as well as professional experts and advisory services fees, all adding to the equivalent of R&D service expenses.

Support within the scope of securing R&D relief consists of three steps:

Step 1: analysis of options to apply for R&D relief (identification and qualification)
Step 2: preparation of application for a written interpretation of tax law
Step 3: R&D tax relief calculation

If necessary, we implement R&D relief from the ground up. We prepare necessary legal documentation, we create a register for R&D projects and establish categories of expenses as well as limits to tax deductions on the tax return. After the relief is granted, we verify the accuracy of all calculations.

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