Creative industries

We provide legal and accounting support for entrepreneurs from broadly spoken creative industries – from marketing agencies, media houses, fashion houses, book publishers, film producers to music industry.

Comprehensive legal support for creative industries

Bookstores and publishers

Working with one of the most important distributors of ebooks and audiobooks in Poland, we have huge experience in the bookstores and publishers industry. We create, verify and negotiate all agreements existing in this industry from publishing and distribution contracts, through agreements on cooperation with publishers, stores and libraries, up to promotion contracts. We create tailor-made drafts or templates of publishing agreements, advertising agreements and contracts with authors or distributors.


We analyse problems connected with copyright to publications (including rights to fictional characters), fair use, exhaustion of copyright and digitization of books. We support publishers, authors and distributors in protecting their rights before the court and in alternative dispute resolution procedures.

Advertising industry: marketing and media

We provide legal services for marketing agencies, interactive agencies, 360 agencies, SEO/SEM agencies, PR agencies, media houses and advertisers.


We create drafts of contracts on creating an advertisement and marketing campaign (including SEO/SEM), commercial use of image, marketing services and we give you legal support in events organisation. We analyse the legal and tax impact of promoting activities. We analyse if advertisements comply with competition and consumer law, intellectual property law and personality rights. We help in court disputes, including personality rights protection and unfair advertisements.

Fashion industry

Swlex provides legal support for fashion houses, producers, fashion designers and models. We help you to register trademarks (national, the EU and registered through international procedures) at every stage of the process.


We make audits and legal analyses of industrial designs, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. We draft necessary agreements, for instance concerning commercial use of images, organization of events and fashion shows, distribution or licence. We support you in protecting your brand (business name), trademarks, industrial designs or domains both in amicable procedures as well as before court and during mediations (arbitrage).

Film industry

We support producers, distributors and other people or entities participating in making movies. We analyse and help to mitigate legal risks connected with filmmaking, for instance adaptation of a novel or theatre play, inclusion of other parties’ works, using music, image or voice.


We help to resolve disputes between film creators, also the ones concerning moral rights. We draw up agreements regarding production, distribution and commercialization of movies, including franchising and merchandising. We support you in disputes before courts and out of court as well as disputes with copyright collectives.

Music industry

We support all professionals in the music industry from publishers and producers to artists and their managers (agents). We draw up among others publishing agreements, contracts on cooperation between an artist and a manager, agreements on making music videos, organising a concert or promoting an album.


We analyse legal problems connected with playing covers, sampling or uploading musical works to Spotify or other streaming media. We support you in court and out of court disputes, ZAIKS and other copyright collectives.

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