GDPR – personal data protection

Personal data is the sensitive branch of law which still lacks specialists. In SWLEX we offer you competent and friendly legal support in this respect.

Efficient and effective personal data protection of your employees, contractors and partners

GDPR is the issue which must be taken into account all entrepreneurs in Poland and the EU. Since 2016, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been effective in the entire European Union. From this time every company has become a personal data controller and may also act in other roles during personal data processing. 

GDPR compliance audit (GDPR audit)

A GDPR audit is the basic step to get knowledge how an entrepreneur is prepared to protect personal data and broadly spoken information.


We verify what functions better and what should be improved in your company. We recognize processes of personal data processing and analyse the scope of access to the personal data and applied method of its protection. As a result of the audit you will receive a GDPR report which, after your acceptance, will be a foundation of our further activities.

Implementation of a personal data protection system

Together with you we choose the model of personal data protection which is the best for your business. In practice the data security depends on an efficient system of personal data protection comprising not only documents, agreements and procedures but most of all people (including employees) who are aware how significant it is to take care of entrusted data. That is why the implementation is also GDPR training and evaluating if there is a risk of infringement of rights and freedoms of people whose personal data are processed by your company.

GDPR training and GDPR support

We are aware that maintaining the proper level of personal data protection and threat of a review by the Polish President of the Personal Data Protection Office may be an obstacle for running your business. That is why we offer you support, advisory and help in these concerns. In the scope of our support we can also make GDPR training, during which we discuss the most important issues regarding personal data protection in accordance with current legal rules of data protection.


During the training we give your employees all information necessary to supervise personal data processing and present, as workshops, how to create efficient GDPR clauses. Thanks to our help, you will be able to choose the right person to become a Data Protection Officer.

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