In order to establish a company via online application (S-24 system) it is necessary for shareholders and board members to own an electronic signature used for digital document signing. Electronic signature will be also useful in the future.

Electronic signatures

The System accepts the following electronic signatures:

1. Polish Trusted Profile (ePUAP) – to obtain this electronic signature you should go to the government website and follow the instructions. To get this kind of signature you must have a PESEL number.

2. Qualified electronic signature – a paid e-signature which may be obtained only from the certified e-signatures provider. This type of signature has the widest use (apart from the company’s documents, you may also sign contracts etc.) because it has the same legal standing as a handwritten signature.

More information to find on the website of National Certification Center > 

Examples of qualified e-signature providers: Certum, Eurocert, PWPW Sigillum

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